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he two ●priests working lustily with the rest. They ■opened fire at three o'clock on the ne●xt day. Saint-Castin had just ■bef


ore sent Chubb a letter, telling ●him that, if the garrison were obstinate,■ they would get no quarter, 381 and would be but■chered by the Indians. Close upon this● message followed four or fiv■e bomb-shells. Chubb succumbed immediately, sou●nded a parley, and gave up the fort, on condi■tion that he

and his men should be prote●cted from the Indians, sent to Boston,● and exchange

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d for French and Abenaki■ prisoners. They all marched ●out without arms; and Iberville●, true to his pledge, sent them to an i?/p> image

鰏land in the bay, beyond the reach of his red a●llies. Villieu took possession of the ■fort, where an Indian prisoner ■was found in irons, half dead ■from long confinement. This so enra●ged his countrymen that a massacre w●ould infallibly have taken place but for ■the precaution of Iberville. The cannon of P●emaquid were carried on board the ships, and■ the small arms and ammuniti■on given to the Indians. Two days were s■pent in destroying the works, and then■ the victors withdrew in triumph. Disgraceful as■ was the prompt surrender of the fort, it may ■be doubted if, even with the best d●efence, it could have held out many days; f

o■r it had no casemates, and its occupan●ts were defenceless against the explosio■n of shells. Chubb was arrested for cowardice● on his return, and remained s■ome months in prison. After his release, he r■eturned to his family at Andover, twenty mile■s from Boston; and here, in t■he year following, he and his wife were ki■lled by Indians, who seem to h●ave pursued him to this apparently safe asylu■m to take revenge for his tre■achery toward their countrymen. [10] [●10] Baudoin, Journal d'un Vo●yage fait avec M. d'Iberville. Baud●oin 382 was an Acadian

priest, who■ accompanied the expedition, which he des●cribes in detail. Relation

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the remains of which ar■e still distinct. The people of Massachuse■tts, compelled by a royal order to build and m■aintain Pemaquid, had no love for it, and underr●ated its importance. Having been acc●ustomed to spend their money■ as they themselves saw fit, they re■volted at compulsion, though exercised for th■eir good. Pemaquid was nev


ertheless● of the utmost value for the preservati●on of their hold on Maine, and its conquest wa●s a crowning triumph to the F■rench. The conquerors now proj■ected a greater exploit. The Marq■uis de Nesmond, with a powerful squadron ■of fifteen ships, including some of the b■est in the royal navy, sailed f

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